An easier HTML table

table editor option
If we had tables in the editor, maybe it would look like this

You might have noticed that we don’t have a table option in the WordPress editor. There’s a number of reasons for it:

  1. Tables are for tabulated data, not just arranging things on the page
  2. They’re usually 💩 to make mobile-friendly
  3. Another technical reason I won’t go into here

So how do I add a table?

There’s a few methods!

Method 1: write HTML

We have some information about creating tables in our documentation.

Method 2: copy/paste HTML

Another option is to use an HTML table generator like It will generate all the HTML structure you need, then you paste it into the HTML editor. When you switch back to the Visual editor the table cells should be present to fill in your content.

Method 3: copy/paste from a spreadsheet

This is my favourite method because you don’t even need to use the HTML editor, and you can pre-fill your tabulated content.

  1. Write content in your favourite spreadsheet editor (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheet, Open Office probably works too)
  2. Select the cells you need and copy from spreadsheet
  3. Paste into WordPress post or page
  4. Voila!

Here’s a video that shows it too.

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